Work Packages

The strategy proposed to achieve the main goals of the project is based on the completion of 7 Work Packages (WP), four basic WPs to develop the AMTRAS concept, one WP focused on manufacturing and validation, one WP for exploitation and dissemination of results and a WP for Project management.

Hereinafter, an individual description of each Work Package to be achieved is included:

WP1 - Aeronautical Structures Specifications and Test Rigs Requirements.

WP1 involves the tasks related to define the main issues of the project: representative work-pieces to be tested, requirements of Test Rigs, components and systems to implement in it and, the test plan and testing procedure to follow during the project.

WP2 - Multifunctional Test Rigs Design.

WP2 comprehends the design of the flexible Test Rigs which will include the benches for panels and tail, tooling systems, clamping systems, multi-axis actuators, etc.

WP3 - Models and Numerical Simulation by FEM.

WP3 consists of numerical tool development to estimate the behaviour of wings and tails under cyclic loads, as well as to assist the design and manufacture of Test Rigs.

WP4 - Monitoring and adaptive control.

The aim of this WP is to develop a test rig control system, a machine vision system to monitoring deformations in tests and strain estimation based on machine vision data.

WP5 - Test Rig Manufacturing and Validation.

WP5 includes the manufacture, assemble, installation, validation and characterization of Test Rigs.

WP6 - Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication of Results.

WP6 involves the development of the different dissemination, training and knowledge management activities that will be identified and integrated into a Plan for Dissemination and Exploitation of the Project’s Results.

WP7 - Project management.

WP7 involves the coordination activities (overall project management, legal, financial, commercial and policy issues) and to manage the technical (time, resource, competence and budget risks) and strategies tasks.

The strategy proposed to achieve the main goals of the project is based on the completion of these 7 WPs. The figure below shows the interdependences of the Work Packages:

Work Packages

Interdependences of the Work Packages